Bracketron NanoTek Stand targets just about all mobile devices


With the vast array of mobile devices that we carry around these days, managing and keeping track of them could prove to be a challenge for the less organized among us. Instead of returning home after a long and hard day at the office, dumping everything in your pockets onto the table out of habit, smartphone included, how about turning over a new leaf and taking a more tidy stance? Bracketron might have just the answer for those who want to change with their new universal NanoTek Stand for mobile devices, where it adds a dash of simplicity and style to both the home and office desks, ensuring that power cords would remain neat and readily available always thanks to its patent-pending integrated cable management system, not to mention ensuring that your mobile device remains upright in perfect working order within easy access all the time.

The NanoTek Stand would also be able to further increase device functionality as it remains in direct line of sight for users, letting you check out whatever activity that is going on on the screens with but a glance, ensuring that the “busy bee” personality types among you would always be able to keep tabs on the time or incoming messages and Facebook updates.

The NanoTek Stand would be able to hold on securely to both desk and device, courtesy of an exclusive mounting technology which ensures that not only the surface, but the smartphone itself, too, would remain clean and residue-free. It is universally compatible with majority of the handheld mobile devices out there, delivering flexible mounting options so that it can secure devices in both vertical or horizontal positions for optimal use.

Frequent travelers would also find the NanoTek Stand a snap to tote around on their travels, thanks to it being made out of aircraft grade aluminum that will not weigh you down at all. You will be able to choose from silver or black, whichever floats your boat.

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