LG and Ubitus announces GameNow cloud gaming service


What do you think of the cloud right now? Sure, cloud computing has definitely made life a whole lot easier and more convenient for everyone involved, especially when you consider that Ultrabooks these days, armed with a decent Internet connection wherever you go, are more than capable of handling whatever simple word processing or spreadsheet documents that you throw at it via the likes of Google Docs. Having said that, LG Electronics and Ubitus Inc., a worldwide technology leader in cloud gaming solutions, made an announcement at the recently concluded E3 2013, that the GameNow cloud gaming service will soon arrive on the latest range of LG Smart TVs.

Yes sir, if you took a look at your 32” LCD TV that has been serving your family faithfully for the past half a decade and feel that you have maximized its potential, along comes this potentially enticing offer from South Korean consumer electronics giant LG, where those who decide to pick up a new LG Smart TV model in the US will be able to enjoy rich library of AAA and massively multiplayer online (MMO) titles right from the get go, now how about that? This definitely caters to the instant gratification crowd that we see are being the norm these days.

How does GameNow benefit you? For starters, it will transform a compatible LG Smart TV into a powerful game console, where consumers are now able to enjoy the video gaming experience that was previously unavailable on home TV units. Even better news would be doing away with the need to load discs, and neither do you have to put up with time-consuming downloads as well as long installation times, since you can now enjoy console-quality video games on demand. Among the blockbuster titles that will be made available include Street Fighter X Tekken and Batman: Arkham City, titles which normally require high-end hardware to play. Those who are interested will be able to pick up a free beta trial of the GameNow service for high-end LG Smart TVs over at LG Smart World, with the full GameNow service for the whole 2013 LG Smart TV range to roll out in the near future.

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