Izzi Orbit for the iPhone 5 delivers top notch photography

The iPhone 5 is an iconic smartphone to say the least, and we already know that it has sold millions upon millions of units. Not only that, there are already whispers of a sequel to the iPhone 5 floating around for the past few months already, where some folks have even speculated that it will arrive in a shade of gold. Yes sir, gold! Still, no iPhone 5 successor was announced at the recently concluded WWDC 2013, but this does not mean the production of accessories for this handset should cease. No sir, and here we are with an accessory for shutterbugs who cannot live without their iPhone 5 – the £199.99 Izzi Orbit which will arrive in black, blue, purple, red and silver shades.

The Izzi Orbit has been machine tooled from aircraft grade aluminium, which is obviously reflected in its price, while delivering superior protection and first rate photography options. Thanks to its patented Peripheral Motion Lock Technology, the iZZi Orbit for iPhone 5 would enable users to obtain instantaneous access to a trio of different high-grade lenses with but a the flick of a switch. You will also be able to ensure your photos look a whole lot better with upgrades such as a 180° Fish Eye, a 67x Wide Angle and a 2x Telephoto lens. Not only that, a Sure Hand Stabilizing Grip will help minimize shakes and bumps, never mind that you are tracking moving objects.

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  1. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I do just would want to give the advise to switch the pictures of the Izzi Orbit for iPhone and Leaf Ultimate paper thin antenna.

    They seam to get swaped.

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    Frank Hoffmann

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