Satechi USB Portable Humidifier


If you are one who does a whole lot of traveling, then you might be seasoned enough to know that being well hydrated is something worth keeping up to. Even when you are in the desert on Las Vegas during winter, it pays to drink a whole lot of water despite all the creature comforts made available, since as I mentioned earlier, you are in a desert environment after all. As for those of you who love sleeping in an air conditioned room, there is a potential problem which could affect some others – having one’s skin dry out. Now here is a cute little solution that was thought up by the nice people over at Satechi, as they offer up the Satechi USB Portable Humidifier to be the perfect travel companion in order to deliver a soothing, comfortable environment regardless of where you are.

The user-friendly humidifier will work this way – it is attached to the top of most water bottles, where the filter will then extend downward into the water. Apart from that, it is nice to know that you can power this thing using either USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 connectivity, where the USB Portable Humidifier will be able to draw water via the filter, helping dispense it into the air as vapor, which would then provide relief to cold, cough and flu symptoms, in addition to itchy dry skin, chapped lips, and headaches among others.

The versatile USB Portable Humidifier, when you use it with cold water, would double up as a mister where it will help cool users off during a hot summer. Apart from that, it can also function as an aroma diffuser, which comes in handy if your room tends to have this particularly musty smell. You will also be able to add liquid fragrances or essential oils into the water so that you are able to enjoy a relaxing, soothing environment. Last but not least,the humidifier will also deliver a dim blue light that is perfect to use as a nightlight. The compact USB Portable Humidifier is small enough to fit easily into any purse, laptop bag or suitcase, so carrying it around is a cinch. You will be able to bring home the Satechi USB Portable Humidifier for $22.99 a pop.

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