Houdini Puzzle Lock


They say that Houdini is one of the greatest magicians ever alive (some prefer to use the term “illusionist”), and if you are a huge fan of his past work, you might be interested to know that Thinkgeek has something right up your alley with the $19.99 Houdini Puzzle Lock. If you are able to unlock these locks, you are a bona fide magician – at least among your family members and friends, that is.

Needless to say, you will only be able to open these locks only if you know the trick, and there are two choices to pick – Dead Lock and Lock & Key. Each purchase would come with two keys to go along with individual locks for that added security, just in case you know, you happen to pass one of these trick puzzle locks to a butterfingers. Definitely one of the more friendly approaches that you can take to amuse not only your friends, but your co-workers as well. Hopefully the Houdini Puzzle Lock comes with the relevant instructions to inform you on how you are going to unlock them.

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