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It goes without saying that plants need the sun to survive, thanks to the scientific process known as photosynthesis. The thing is, some plants do not like bright and sunny days, but rather, prefer a dark and dank atmosphere. However, for those of us who like to potter around with green stuff, hoping to grow plants around the home, but if you so happen to live in an area where sunlight is at a minimal amount, you might want to skip having mold growing. Click & Grow has come up with something interesting, where it is called the Grow Light. Click & Grow so happens to be a designer of indoor smart gardens, and with the introduction of their spanking new Grow Light, they could be on to something here.

Click & Grow founder Mattias Lepp said, “The advanced growth medium we use in each Smart Flower Pot, combined with our new Grow Light brings the joy of growing plants to everyone, anywhere, using clever technology. The Grow Light has a pre-programmed timer that allows users to activate the system in coordination with their personal schedule.”

The Grow Light does not need much juice to run, as it boasts of LED technology that requires a mere 3 watts of energy,which is the equivalent of a marginal $2 to $3 dollars a year of additional electricity. This ought to be the ideal addition to the Smart Flower Pot, which so happens to be a high-tech and self-watering smart garden which makes growing plants when you do not have a garden (read: indoors) nice and easy. This is made possible thanks to Click & Grow’s nano tech growth medium that supplies plant roots with just the right amount of oxygen, water and nutrients at any time that it requires. It will mimic the organic decomposition cycle of nature, and just to keep things on the green side, Click & Grow’s growth medium would remain hormone-free, pesticide-free and fungicide-free. The Click & Grow Grow Light would retail for $49.00 a pop if you are interested in picking one up.

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