Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom announced


Samsung’s latest puppy to hit the market might have arrived at the wrong time, as it could very well have done a whole lot better if it were to be a trailblazer a couple of years ago. Having said that, let us not judge a particular device before using it, so here we are with the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, where it will once again take advantage of the insanely popular Galaxy name of device. Armed with a moniker like the Galaxy S4 Zoom, you can be dead sure that this particular smartphone is serious about the photography department, and we as end users are certainly more than happy to see features such as 10x optical zoom thrown into your everyday smartphone.

Is it a phone? Is it a camera? I will leave its primary function to the owner of the Galaxy S4 Zoom, since he or she would know best what they are going to do with it. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom can be said to be the realization of Samsung’s dream to conjure a single device which is capable of playing the role of an industry leading smartphone in addition to being a high-end compact camera. I guess they have more or less achieved their ambition at the moment in the form of the Galaxy S4 Zoom, where it boasts of the aforementioned 10x optical zoom, and will be accompanied by a 16-megapixel CMOS Sensor, OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and Xenon flash, all running on the most recent Samsung Galaxy S4 technology in order to set new standards for perfect mobile photography for the others to follow.

There is the presence of an all new Zoom Ring which is said to make photography with the Galaxy S4 Zoom all the more natural, letting you shoot more often instead of spending time to go through the various control dials as found on a regular digital camera. Android 4.2 Jelly Bean would be the operating system of choice, although it remains to be seen just when the Galaxy S4 Zoom would be released, and for how much?

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