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Do not shun boomboxes, o ye youth of the current generation! You do not know of the influencing power of such a device, back in the days when your parents were wee lads and discovering their identity in the world. Having said that, is there a place for the classic boombox in the 21st century? The correct answer would be “No”, but this does not mean that the idea on a boombox cannot be resurrected to take on the more modern devices out there. The $149.99 Floating Boombox is one such updated retro gig, where it will definitely add some volume in your next trip to a body of water, regardless of whether it is a natural lake, by the beach, or at the pool.

The Floating Boombox would play nice with devices such as the iPhone, iPod, Android gadgets or other compatible ones, even in the water. The Floating Boombox will be fully waterproof and submersible, and thanks to a waterproof compartment that houses your device, you need not feel as though you are drowning while on land, with the air choked out of you as you realize your newest purchase has been dunked underwater. No sir, no worries of that at all – unless the waterproof compartment has somehow been compromised by an unseen needle or your cat’s claws, of course. It is said that the Floating Boombox would be able to pump out tunes for up to 25 hours using battery power alone, or you can plug it directly into an AC outlet – not a good idea if you’re going to dunk it in the pool when doing so, of course.

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