Comfort Lift Power Seat


When you get out more often and move around in circles where folks are less fortunate than you, whether in terms of financial capability or physical well being, then you would be a whole lot more thankful with who you are and what you have. For instance, folks who have suffered from a stroke and are not properly treated tend to suffer from a lack of movement or control over some muscles, and performing a simple task that we take for granted such as lifting ourselves from our seat could prove to be an insurmountable obstacle. Good thing there is the $249 Comfort Lift Power Seat which is said to be able to transform most chairs into a lift chair.

The Comfort Lift Power Seat would boast of patented lifting technology, where it will be able to safely and gently lift you out of your chair, all the way to a near standing position on a level plane. Even more impressive is the fact that it achieves this without having to go through any kind of quick moves, sans abrupt ejections or a shifting base. The lift will offer 100% electric lift for those who weight up to 300 lbs, and the presence of a flexible, adjustable hand control and an easy-to-use toggle switch ensures that you remain in control at all times. There is also a pair of easily accessible handles which will allow you to move the power seat from chair to chair around your home.

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