Mad Catz M.O.J.O. Android gaming console


Just when you thought that the dust had settled at the recently concluded E3 2013 event at Los Angeles, California, along comes Mad Catz’ Android-powered M.O.J.O. micro console which is touted to deliver the mobile Android gaming experience to those of you who have also invested a huge chunk of your spare change to bring home a big-screen TV in order to make your living room keep up with the times. It is said that the M.O.J.O. micro console is capable of packing in the kind of 3D gaming performance that one would not expect in such a tiny box, where it will also establish a direct link to digital storefronts such as Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz Interactive, Inc., did share his thoughts on what M.O.J.O. might be able to deliver in the future, “M.O.J.O. is basically a supercharged smart phone with no screen that plugs into your flat screen TV to bring the living room experience to mobile gaming. M.O.J.O. is designed to interact seamlessly with our GameSmart controllers, mice, keyboards and headsets, in fact, the entire eco-system of gaming peripherals. We also want M.O.J.O. to be a truly open platform. People are already comfortable buying games from Google Play, Amazon, TegraZone or any other retailer of their choice. They play those games on their phones and tablets already, and with M.O.J.O., they will be able to play them in the living room at no additional cost. The same approach applies to movies, music and any other digital media. Our focus is on providing the best hardware configured for performance, not forcing people to buy content from us.”

Obviously, it remains to be seen whether the likes of Mad Catz’s efforts in the home console market will bear fruit eventually as the M.O.J.O. rolls out to the targeted markets, considering how the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One from Microsoft look set to take center stage among high powered consoles in the living room, with Nintendo’s Wii U apparently picking up the scraps from the main table once those two have duked it out with one another in a battle royale.

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