Digital Storm unveils VIRTUE performance gaming PC


When it comes to gaming, there are different levels of dedication displayed by the gamers themselves, where some of them are pretty all right with run of the mill gaming machines, while others prefer to settle for a fully customized gaming machine. The most hardcore gamers of all, however, would prefer nothing better, than to build their gaming PC from ground up, using only the choicest parts without sparing a single expense. Well, Digital Storm has had their fair share of gaming computers in the past, and this time around, their latest model to hit the deck is known as the VIRTUE performance gaming PC.

The VIRTUE performance gaming PC is the epitome of the system builder’s commitment to excellence, as well as to its customers. It comes in the form of a stunning mid-tower desktop that will boast of a brushed aluminium as well as steel exterior, where it carries benchmark crushing components, all crammed within a large, upgrade friendly interior regardless of its relatively compact footprint.

Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s Director of Product Development, said, “We noticed there are not many pc manufacturers designing mid-tower gaming systems with the same ardor and attention that ultra-tower PCs receive. As its name suggests, VIRTUE represents a higher standard of PC gaming, both in terms of aesthetics and performance.”

The VIRTUE’s rollout would arrive on the heels of a couple of major component launches, which so happens to be Intel’s latest fourth generation Haswell CPUs and NVIDIA’s GTX 700 series graphics cards, which further disproves the notion that all which is required for a decent gaming performance PC would be a big desktop tower. VIRTUE is able to support the entire range of high end hardware thanks to its impressive liquid cooling system, boasting up to five fans alongside a massive 240mm radiator. In fact, it is capable of handling the Level 4 VIRTUE’s overclocked Intel Core i7 4770K CPU and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN 6GB graphics card without breaking a sweat, all the while having room for a whole lot more upgrades – such as room for dual video cards, a couple of hard drives and a quartet of SSDs.

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