Canine DNA Testing – Who’s Your Doggie?


We just adopted a dog from the pound and he’s turning out very different from the dog we thought we adopted. When you think of it, we really don’t know anything about this little guy, what kind of dog he is, what problems or health issues he may be prone to. I feel really good about saving him, but the trade off is, I don’t know who he is.

Well technology has certainly gotten to the point that it can answer questions we never imagined. We now have DNA My Dog, a comprehensive test kit that provides you with very simple instructions for swabbing the cheeks of your beloved pup in order to collect your dog’s DNA samples. Learning the breed mix of your pooch can allow you to be much more proactive with your dog’s health, it can also help you gain insight into breed specific traits and behavioral issues you might have to face as your best friend grows up.

What if your best friend has already passed on, beloved mixed breed that he was, and you wish you knew what his breed background was, in order to choose your next buddy.Well, DNA My Dog can still tell you, by using an old toy, or food bowl, they can still perform the testing required to tell you who he was. Knowing the personality traits of specific breeds can really help you choose your next puppy.

Each DNA My Dog Kit gets you a custom certificate, with a photo of your dog stating their unique DNA composition. The percentage breakdown of each level of each breed found in your dog’s unique DNA and a report on your dog´s dominant breeds, personality traits, and health concerns. The test is painless, and you can get results in less than 2 weeks. All for under 60 bucks from  I think I got a Boxer – Hound… I guess we shall see.

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