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I know that it has been the dream of many to live in a paperless world, but it is more or less confirmed that one is unable to truly live out a paperless environment, at least not in the current stage where humanity is in right now. As for wireless connectivity, things could be slightly different, as we are moving more and more towards a disconnected lifestyle thanks to the proliferation of Bluetooth-enabled devices in the market, ranging from smartphones to tablets and other personal consumer electronics gadgets. How about those of us living at home? The Control4 Wireless Music Bridge certainly has something to offer for those who want to stream music throughout the home without having to run unsightly wires all over the place, and drilling holes into the wall so that those wires can be hooked up in place.

With the Control4 Wireless Music Bridge, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of sharing and distributing your personal music collection, radio programs and podcasts regardless of where you are at home, all without having to be tethered to a wire somewhere. The thing is, I would say that mansions might want to give this a miss, since it is clearly a product that targets the average sized home – if you happen to own a castle or one of those crazy large villas that celebrities tend to drop serious coin on, you can rule the Control4 Wireless Music Bridge out.

Apart from stored music libraries, the new Control4 Wireless Music Bridge is also able to deliver a convenient path for Control4 customers to hook up to streaming music services, where among them include Pandora, Spotify, or Rdio right from their personal smart devices, without having to sacrifice your handset’s phone functionality. Not only that, a compatible device like an iPad or an Android-powered tablet would continue to retain their browsing and app capabilities, ensuring that you are able to enjoy a true multi-tasking experience. The Control4 Wireless Music Bridge is now out at $300 a pop if you are interested.

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