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To say that we are more inclined to take care of our environment these days is a true statement, although the degree of awareness still varies. In fact, some of the more environmentally minded folks have made modifications to their lifestyle, such as eating organic food, installing a solar powered panel on the roof of their homes, as well as drive an electric or hybrid car like the Tesla or Toyota Prius. Apart from that, they also do their bit for the environment by making enzymes and composting stuff. Making your own compost not only help nourish the soil, it does not put all that organic leftovers to waste. The thing is, composting can be pretty time consuming, so for those of us who live in the instant noodles era can always find an alternative like the $299.95 Rapid Composter.

The Rapid Composter would feature a unique aerating core as well as insulated walls which will speed the breakdown process. Instead of taking half a year like standard composters to decompose matter, this puppy requires as little as 13 weeks, without requiring you to turn it or make any intervention. All you need to do is lift the secure lid and insert wet and dry kitchen and garden waste, and wait. The cone shapes on the ventilating core are good to create air pockets, letting air flow in all directions, while it sports 1.5” insulated walls which can trap heat, regardless of what season it is at the moment.

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