Wide Coverage LED Pain Reliever


So you might not have the healing factor of Wolverine, but this does not mean that you should continue to writhe in pain the next time you suffer an injury from your endeavors in sport or while you are at work. Well, the $199.95 Wide Coverage LED Pain Reliever is something that relies on technology developed by NASA in order to heal astronauts’ injuries, where it lives up to its name since it can cover a wide 3.5″-diameter area with the help of 72 LEDs in order to produce safe infrared heat. That is not the only thing that it does, however, as it is also capable of stimulating blood circulation, relieving swelling in joints, and loosening tight muscles.

In fact, in a study at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, it depicted the LED technology was successful in reducing painful inflammation by up to 37%. It is different from heating pads which only treat injuries that are located just below the skin’s surface, as the LED light will be able to penetrate deep into tissue for lasting relief from muscle aches. The device itself can be placed on the skin or 0.25″ above the skin, where it begins to relieve pain in as few as three treatments. Sporting a brush-shaped design that is lightweight, it is obviously easy to move around the body and hold in place.

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