Cambridge Audio announces Minx Go


When it comes to portable speakers, I guess you can say that this particular segment of the market has grown tremendously over the years simply because of a greater degree of mobile device adoption among the masses, not to mention better battery technology which naturally results in superior battery life, in addition to the advancement and proliferation of Bluetooth capability embedded in just about every modern day mobile device like smartphones and tablets. Having said that, the portable wireless speakers of today are what boomboxes were to a previous, bygone era, and Cambridge Audio intends to usher in a new reign of such portable wireless speakers by announcing the availability of the Minx Go.

The Minx Go is a high performance, portable Bluetooth speaker that is capable of delivering deeply expansive, crystal clear audio. Similar to other Cambridge Audio product, the Minx Go will carry the company’s design DNA thanks to their design team who are based in London. The Minx Go will come acoustically loaded with an array of five premium quality speakers as well as the latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, ensuring that your ears will always be treated to massive power at all times, without taking up too much space no matter where you are. What would most probably be the most impressive feat of the Minx Go would be the amount of detailed bass that it is capable of pumping out, and this is made possible thanks to the Bass Radiator that has been neatly integrated into the rear panel.

Just how long can the Minx Go last? Well, it boasts a battery life of up to 18 hours, which is lengthy enough for an entire day out, even stretching into the wee hours of the night. From a flat battery, it takes just a couple of hours to juice up fully, and while it is being recharged, it will even allow you to charge a tablet or phone thanks to the integrated USB charging port. You will be able to choose from high gloss black or white colors for the $149 Minx Go.

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