Sony VAIO Pro 13/11 announced

Here we are with yet another couple of Ultrabooks from the good people over at Sony, with the VAIO Pro 13/11 being announced. These were claimed by Sony to be the lightest touch capable Ultrabooks in their respective classes, and I don’t suppose that the clever implementation and use of carbon fiber for its case had anything to do with such an “achievement”, hmmm? The touch enabled VAIO Pro 11 would tip the scales at approximately 870 grams, while the touch enabled VAIO Pro 13 is a wee bit heavier by weighing down the average scale by a mere 1.060 kg.

Regardless of which particular model you decide to settle for, the VAIO Pro 13/11 will come with a uni-direction carbon fiber body and Hexa-shell design that delivers the kind of extra durability which mobile computers tend to require. Not only that, being lightweight does not mean that Sony has skimped on quality – no sir, as the Japanese firm also brings a comfortable typing experience for the VAIO Pro 13/11 by featuring a wide key pitch and stroke in order to allow for an extremely natural typing experience. Apart from that, the VAIO Pro 13/11 will also make use of a unique palm rest that which gradually merges into the, delivering virtually unrivaled comfort while typing for hours on end.

Your eyes would also be more than happy to greet the TRILUMINOS Display, letting you enjoy a wide palette of rich natural colors courtesy of Sony’s BRAVIA expertise. Merge this with a full HD display and Sony’s super resolution technology, X-Reality for mobile, and you can be sure that looking at other displays on rival Ultrabooks that have a lesser configuration would certainly be a dampener, especially when your heart swells with pride in picking the right Ultrabook – at least where visuals are concerned. Both models will be available for purchase sometime later this month, although pricing details have yet to be determined.

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