Remote Control Eagle


The eagle is a symbol of power, courage, and of course, American pride across the world. Ever wished that you had one of those falcons or hawks under your care, where they would be able to look out on your behalf at the same time increase your coolness factor by +1? Well, rearing an eagle is not all that easy in the first place, and with many eagles under the endangered species list, you might not get the chance to do so. Why not get the $359.99 Remote Control Eagle instead?

It does not need any kind of grooming, and neither do you have to worry about anyone reporting you in for having an endangered species in your home as a pet. The Remote Control Eagle will be able to soar, glide and swoop unlike any other kind of remote controlled avian friend you have ever come across before. Sporting detailed graphical details and a massive wingspan of 6.5 feet, this is surely an American icon that will amaze onlookers with its lifelike grace and speed. Hopefully, no other birds of prey will see it as a rival and get into a fight with it, because when that happens, you can kiss goodbye to your hard earned cash. It takes just minutes to assemble the Remote Control Eagle and it is powered by a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery.

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