IGGI Signal Pod


Whenever you are on a bicycle, do not expect all the other motorists and road users to be able to see you and have a telepathic link with where you are heading. In fact, it is always better to err on the side of caution, and that includes wearing the right kind of clothes, making sure that your lights and reflector strips are in good working order, the whole works. Well, when you need to make a turn on a busy road, most cyclists would just extend their hand and wave after making sure that there are no motorcycles that are about to overtake them (and in the process, avoid a nasty collision), but here is a gadget that not only ensures you have greater control over your bicycle as you signal your intent to turn, but it is also a whole lot more noticeable – especially when you are cycling in pitch dark conditions. I am referring to the £12.95 IGGI Signal Pod.

This is a wireless indication system which would enable the cyclist to focus on the road fully, as well as the environment around them as they turn and signal. The POD will be able to transmit the signal from the control unit all the way to the rear of the cycle, as long as the batteries last, of course. It is a snap to set up, while the extra-bright LED display ensures that everyone sober should be able to see you indicate left and right clearly. Not only that, you also have another hazard light option at your disposal.

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