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If you are mad about gadgets, then surely shows such as CeBIT, the grand daddy of them all, CES, or even a more oriental slant like Computex would capture your attention, as you lap up the different kinds of news as well as press releases that different companies come up with. Asus is one such company, using the opportunity of launching yet another computer peripheral in their own backyard in the form of the Asus VivoMouse. Just when you thought that a mouse is a mouse, is a mouse, Asus comes along to try and prove everyone wrong. Now the Asus VivoMouse is not any kind of gaming device, but rather, it will be oriented more towards the office and serious crowd.

Just what kind of goodies does the Asus VivoMouse come with? For starters, it is highly versatile, since it can double up as a standalone touchpad and wireless remote. In a nutshell, you can go around to claim that the Asus VivoMouse is the first wireless mouse with an integrated multi-touch touchpad in the world, delivering not only full desktop but handheld control as well.

Certainly the lines of normal hardware categories are being redrawn all the time with each successive generation of peripherals that enter the market. Take the smartphone for instance – this category of gadgets have moved on from carrying a QWERTY keyboard to being a full touchscreen device, and now we have the screen size getting larger and larger until they start to encroach on tablet territory. I guess you can more or less say that the same is happening with the Asus VivoMouse, where it combines mouse, touchpad, and wireless remote into a single device.

It is said to be an entirely new kind of pointing device, courtesy of its innovative combination of traditional desktop input and a wireless handheld remote for a more casual PC control. When you want to use the VivoMouse as a standard optical mouse, it will fit comfortably in the hand, although its top surface would also boast of a large circular touchpad with full support for Windows 8 multi-touch gestures. Since it is wide and flat, you can use the VivoMouse interchangeably as a mouse and desktop touchpad, which makes it the ideal partner for Windows 8 machines. No idea on pricing, but the Asus VivoMouse will be out later this Q3.

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