Futurist’s Hand Activated iPhone Speaker


Are all iPhone speakers created equal? The easy answer would be to say no, but is there any rationale behind that particular response? Of course, we might say that logic dictates so, but the next time someone asks you that particular question, here is a response that you can be sure and proud of – by pointing them towards the $199.95 Futurist’s Hand Activated iPhone Speaker. Yes sir, the Futurist’s Hand Activated iPhone Speaker certainly does its bit to evoke a futuristic vision of technological singularity, where you are able to control a docked iPhone using hand gestures.

I know, I know, this is old hat for all you Samsung Galaxy S4 owners out there considering you are also able to control your Galaxy S4 in certain aspects using hand gestures, and best of all is, your Galaxy S4 need not be docked in the first place. Ah well, Apple cannot be at the forefront of modern day technology all the time, can they? You win some and you lose some. Sporting a sentient atmospheric lifting body, infrared sensors that are installed on either side of its streamlined, aerodynamic fuselage will be able to detect hand movement in order for you to increase or decrease volume, while the presence of a third sensor that is located in its port side speaker pauses or changes tracks. Yet another sensor in its nose will let you turn the system on or off. It can be paired with an iPhone over Bluetooth, where it delivers robust sound with twin 5-watt tweeter “jet” speakers and a down-firing 10-watt bass-reflex subwoofer. Of course, just in case hand gestures are not your cup of tea, there is always an included remote control to get you going.

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