Tuggit Pullbulb


Ah, lighting solutions in the home could prove to be something that you might want to look into if home improvement is your hobby. After all, the usual array of bulbs and lamps won’t make the cut these days if you want to stand out from the rest, so it makes perfect sense if you want something else that is unconventional, such as the $19.99 Tuggit Pullbulb. Yes sir, by the name itself, you can more or less figure out the direction of where the Tuggit Pullbulb is going.

The Tuggit Pullbulb is a battery-powered LED lightbulb (now that ought to get those pesky Greenpeace activists off your back for siding with the environment) which has been attached to a 4-foot long nylon rope. Turning it on and off is as simple as giving it a tug. Should it be on, tug it to switch it off, and vice versa. Yes, it is that easy, and I don’t suppose there is a need for a user manual to figure everything else out. Thing is, you ought to make sure that your home has at least a trio of spare AAA batteries lying around at all times to power it just in case the current batch of batteries run out of juice. It would be best to rely on rechargeables if you want to go the whole nine yards.

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