Star Wars Large Darth Vader Glitter Light

Assuming the Dark Lord of the Sith is one mean character who is just less forgiving than the Emperor himself, it would still be out of character to see Darth Vader’s room sport the £19.95 Star Wars Large Darth Vader Glitter Light. After all, this is a pretty self descriptive device, where it was specially designed to imitate the dreaded lightsaber, a weapon of choice for Jedis as well as Sith alike during times when folks were more civilized.

Of course, you will not find some sort of mystic crystals powering the Star Wars Large Darth Vader Glitter Light, but rather, good old electricity that has coursed through the wire to power it up. It will definitely have a far lower energy cost compared to the Death Star, and your little one (or even you) can wistfully dream up of those classic Jedi-Sith battles on the numerous planet systems that are all part of Star Wars folklore.