Avitron V2.0 R/C Flying Bird


Do you love all things remote control? Yes sir, toys that can be controlled remotely are always a joy to behold, as these tend to give you a certain sense of “god-like” feeling, at least until the batteries run out, anyways. Well, Thinkgeek might have something that would cater for folks who prefer things that fly in the air instead of roving on the ground on some sort of wheels – by offering the $99.99 Avitron V2.0 R/C Flying Bird.

The Avitron V2.0 R/C Flying Bird goes one up on its predecessor by coming with additional feathers, and to ensure that this bionic bird is capable of taking to the skies, it will come in an extremely lightweight design, achieving the balance to be light enough to take off, while ensuring it is heavy enough not to spiral out of control at the slightest gust of wind. This half-bird, half-plane toy will boast of features such as adjustable speed, where low-speed functionality allows a dedicated pilot to create a realistic looking bird in flight. Made out of durable EPP body and CFRP wing ribs, the remote control itself requires as many batteries as the old school Sega Game Gear (half a dozen), and it takes 12 minutes to charge up that results in 8 minutes worth of flight time.

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