ScanGauge II Advanced Multi-Function Vehicle Monitor

Have you watched the Fast and the Furious 6? So far, initial reviews and feelers on the movie have proved to be massive, and while the show continues to defy the laws of physics and gravity, it has managed to retain one characteristic – it is a franchise that has its timeline all screwed up, and yet is capable of drawing in the viewers never mind that they want to hear Vin Diesel do his mumbling act. Well, you might be wondering just what you can do in order to spruce up your ride’s capabilities on the road, and apart from making sure that it is well serviced all the time, how about throwing in a fair bit of electronics to get the ball rolling? The $159.99 ScanGauge II Advanced Multi-Function Vehicle Monitor does seem to be a pretty good place to start as you can now begin your journey to drive a whole lot smarter, while monitoring your performance and improving your fuel economy.

It is capable of reading as well as resetting engine trouble codes for easy identification, and best of all is, there are no pesky tools required for you to install this puppy. After all, you being a geek at heart would always want to have access to as much data and statistics as possible, and the ScanGauge II Advanced Multi-Function Vehicle Monitor gets the job done, where it is also capable of tracking your 0-60 and quarter mile time. It comes with an automatic delayed power-down after engine shutoff and automatic power-up when the engine starts, and both user and vehicle settings are saved automatically for added convenience.