Swann Doormat Chime – Are You In or Out?


We just adopted a homeless dog, his name is Hamilton and  he is fitting in with the family quite nicely, he loves the car, plays fetch and came already potty trained. Problem is, we’re never exactly sure when he’s telling us he needs to go out, so we keep dragging him out into the yard at any hint of pacing or whining… only to be met with a ‘what the heck?’ look.

Check out Swann’s Wireless Doormat Chime, this pressure activated doormat can be positioned under any mat or carpet, either indoors or out and easily lets you know if your pet, or anyone else for that matter, needs to come in, or go out. Simply position the mat in the area you would like to monitor, and when pressure is applied, the chime unit will activate by playing one of 3 built in chimes, at whatever volume you choose.

The Swann Wireless Doormat Chime is a completely wireless door monitor, that uses only  3  AA batteries for the chime unit and a single (included) A23 battery for the mat. Included in your kit is a doorbell unit, which will also trigger the chime, independent of the mat.

So if you need to know if your pet wants in or out, have a toddlers room you would like  to monitor, have an elderly family member you don’t want near the stairs alone, or simply want to know when a customer walks into your shop, Swann’s Wireless Doormat Chime may be perfect for you, and you can get one for around 65 bucks, at sears.com

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