LG Display has next generation display technology in the pipeline already


It goes without saying, where any company that intends to remain stagnant wherever they are in the market at the moment run the risk of being obsolete within a short period of time, especially in a highly competitive environment. The display market is one such dog-eat-dog world, and there is no room for rest, even for the established players. LG Display has had a pretty good record at rolling out fantastic looking displays in the past, and they do not seem as though they want to relinquish their position in the market by introducing their next generation display technology at SID 2013, with their now famous curved 55” OLED TV and 5” plastic OLED panels being on parade there.

SID stands for Society for Information Display, and at SID Display Week 2013, you can more or less say that LG Display has put up quite a show, where they used the opportunity to introduce a curved 55” OLED TV and a 5” plastic OLED panel. Apart from those two displays, there will also be other mobile panels on show which have been applied with Oxide Thin Film Transistor (TFT) that has a clear future as the next generation TFT technology.

Of course a curve 55” OLED display is always a wonder to look at and check out, we are more than interested in the world of possibilities that will open up where the unbreakable and flexible 5” plastic OLED panel which will be manufactured specially for mobile devices is concerned. Imagine a smartphone which has touchscreen capability, and best of all is, you will never, ever have to worry about a broken display. This bodes well for butterfingers, but it would also provide an impetus for hardware manufacturers to come up with a smartphone chassis that is tough enough to withstand all the drops and knocks that it would possibly go through. We cannot wait for the future to come fast enough, how about you?

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kgotso Says: June 7, 2013 at 5:28 am

is this technology anywhere close to existence or is it just a photoshop picture that is really good?

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