MSI does it again with new GX70 and GX60 gaming laptops


I do not know about you, but for me, a gaming notebook is a poor (an extremely poor one at that) substitute for a full fledged gaming desktop. After all, you do not have the luxury of a really large display for your eyes to enjoy superb visuals, not to mention the kind of audio that is pumped out from your notebook speakers tend to be lame – very. Of course, if you are a gaming addict, then at any time that you need to get that gaming fix of yours going, a gaming notebook would be the ideal solution. After all, something is better than nothing at all, right? MSI certainly knows that they have a couple of models in the market that will appeal to the masses, and they are the new MSI GX70 and the GX60.

These are armed with the AMD A10-5750M processor, and will have the Radeon HD 8970M graphics and Killer Game Networking card to accompany the notebook for a totally enthralling gaming experience on the go. In fact, the new and refreshed MSI GX70 and GX60 notebooks would also be the first AMD Richland A10-5750M powered gaming notebooks in the world.

We are looking at an increase in visual performance by up to 40% over previous generations, and not only that, the new processor will also increase battery life and CPU performance, which results in longer gaming sessions alongside a crisper, brighter and a more realistic visual experience. The MSI GX70 will be the higher end model between the two, where it also sports AMD’s Eyefinity 3D technology which enables users to run multiple independent display outputs at once, while the Killer E2200 Game Networking card will theoretically eliminate lag time and a full color backlit SteelSeries Gaming Keyboard to get it going. Not only that, THX speakers with a built-in subwoofer are there for an ear thumping experience. Unlike just about all Ultrabooks in the market today, these two models will arrive with Blu-ray disc readers, a 1920×1080 full HD anti-reflective display and a 9 cell battery for extended mobile gaming pleasure. No idea on pricing or availability just yet though.

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