Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal


Being a cyclist might be the healthier and more environmentally friendly option for you to get to work (short of walking within reasonable distance and time limit, of course), but cycling too, comes with its fair share of hazards. I am referring to other motorists on the road who do not really bother with your safety, preferring instead to honk in your direction just for fun, seeing you jump out of your skin, to others who really did not see you because they were driving too fast or were inebriated. Not only that, whenever you want to make a turn to the left or to the right, letting go of the handlebar to indicate the direction with your hand carries its fair share of risks, which is where the $59.99 Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal comes in handy.

The name of the Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal itself gives the game away, where its main purpose is to increase your visibility especially in low light conditions while reducing the chances of mishaps or accidents happening. This wireless turn signal unit will attach to your rear seat post and the push button controller is attached to the handlebars for easy accessibility. The ultra bright LED signal and audible beeping sound do their parts to alert other bikers and motorists of your intentions way in advance, and it is water resistant as well as powered by a replaceable CR2032 battery for the remote, with a trio of AAA batteries powering the pod.

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