NVIDIA SHIELD – it isn’t a Handheld Xbox



I know I’m a little advanced in age to be a gamer… I guess most people that look at me wouldn’t guess that behind closed doors I’m likely to be found yelling at my screen, controller in hand, completely lost in battle. I’m a huge fan of first person shooter games, and dabble in just about anything else that even looks remotely entertaining. Yup, I’m addicted.

Xbox, Playstation, Wii (gasp) Have them all, but what about handhelds, shouldn’t they have a place in our hearts by now? Check out Nvidia’s Shield, a brand new handheld console, that at first glance, looks like surprisingly like an Xbox controller. This handheld has a 5-inch attached multi-touch flip screen, is wifi enabled, has high quality speakers and it runs on, um.. Android? Okay, in all fairness, the Shield ships with access to Google Play and Sonic 4, TegraZone, Rearmed and some other stuff like Hulu Plus. It also allows some Windows games running on a compatible PC to stream to your device via your local network. But I ask you all, is it enough?

The Nvidia Shield comes with a pretty hefty price tag, around 350 bucks, but I’m not exactly sure where the Shield fits in. There are certainly cheaper dedicated handhelds like the Vita, we already had Sony’s Remote Play and we run Android on our phones. I’m also not sure I love the analog joystick placement, and yet, why do I feel like I must have one?

So, if you find yourself similarly inclined, and a 350 dollar price tag doesn’t deter you, Nvidia has already started taking pre-orders for the Shield with what is expected to be a June release date. I don’t expect there will be a huge rush to the stores, but just maybe the Nvidia Shield will bring Android gaming to the next level… what do you think?


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varun Says: May 23, 2013 at 11:29 am

Actually ,this is an awesome device,though 350 $ price may look a bit higher,if we compare it with nexus 10 or other tablets,the rate seems reasonable,that too with such a good battery-life and pc streaming,it s a cool product!But the fact that it can only stream games from a card newer than gtx 650 is bit disappointing though.

poopyfacetomatonose Says: May 23, 2013 at 11:39 am

We have ps vita remote play? u think that even compares to shield streaming steam? Have u even tried to use ps vita for remote play? It sucks! it doesnt matter how good of internet u have it always sucks! U can only play ps1 games and even those are lagged and blurred to hell because of ps3’s crappy internet connectivity, Along with the vita’s. Shield at least supports wireless n, even 2×2 mimo. Vita supports g. I cant believe you put those in the same ballpark.

Kevin Says: May 23, 2013 at 4:31 pm

I personally love the nvidia shield because I thank android has a potential to bring great games to the market and the nvidia shield is starting to open gamers eyes to the possability of playing AAA games on a smart device not to mention that it will make a great device for playing on nvidia’s upcomming grid system that allows any game any where anytime. The fact that it can stream games from a compatable pc is just the begining and I know there is onlive and stuff like that but there servers are nuthing like the nvidia grid. It’s only just getting started but this is my opinion. Look out Sony and Microsoft not that I dislike what Sony and Microsoft are doing its great and its been done before so make room for portable gameing in the future.

Julie Says: May 24, 2013 at 4:58 am

Wow! Lots of great comments on this one! Of course some with too much swearing to post! To clear things up I never said It was an Xbox, or that it was comparable to Vita.. just that Vita was a cheaper option. I did say it could legitimize Android gaming, but I was having a hard time finding a place for it… interestingly, further research might even suggest that Nvidia itself doesn’t expect a smashing success with the Shield.. its simply looking to showcase its Tegra-powered devices which would boost sales of its processors…and yes, I do believe iOS has an edge over Android for gaming *gasp* but I am open to (and would like to see) change… just not sure the Shield is going to do it… but for the record, I still want one!

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