Window Washing Robot

How does washing windows sound to you? It is not the most interesting task to indulge in for sure, but when some chore has got to be done, someone has got to do the dirty job. Of course, you can always employ someone else to do the work for you, but there is nothing quite like the rite of passage when you are building character – either in you, or in your young ones. The current generation might be happier to note that technology has made life a whole lot easier, where one can now kiss goodbye to old fashioned window washing, thanks to the advent of the $399.99 Window Washing Robot.

The Window Washing Robot is touted to be the world’s first robot which will automatically clean any glass surface that you place it on, regardless of its thickness. This would mean the gamut of windows, glass doors, mirrors and hard to reach outdoor windows in and around your home can be cleaned with but a single touch of a button. There is a powerful internal vacuum pump which seals it onto the glass as the two motors drive the anti-slip treads, so that this robot will be able to get up and about its cleaning business without slipping and falling to a premature end. Not only that, the Window Washing Robot has built in artificial intelligence that will calculate the glass area automatically, hence resulting in the most efficient route to clean it – or at least according to its algorithm.