eComfort Home Office

I guess you can say that working from home is one of the dreams for many people, as it means you do not need to fight your way through heavy traffic and jostle with others during rush hour on public transport. Of course, having said that, this would mean your home office atmosphere would need to be conducive enough so that you will be able to up your productivity, otherwise it would defeat the purpose of working from home. Enter the $49.99 eComfort Home Office, where this functions as an all-in-one workstation for tablet, netbook, and e-reader among others.

There will be textured top grips to ensure that your device remains in place, never mind that you have been indulging in some marathon email sessions for the longest time throughout the day. The top of it will lift off and props so that you can view your tablet at a comfortable angle, while there is a built-in magnetized stylus holder with a stylus thrown in for good measure, of course. Folks who love stashing items away would be pleased to notice the presence of interior pockets and pen loops which do their bit to keep track of small items. Of course, since we are already in the 21st century, we have this first world problem of mobile devices running out of juice during the most inopportune of moments. Fret not, the eComfort Home Office will also come with a handy porthole for charging cords, letting you use your mobile device on the eComfort Home Office while charging it. After all, work never stops, so why should you?