White Noise Machine


There is noise, and then there is noise. If you are having troubles trying to control the different kinds of background noises in your life, you can do so with this unique $59.99 White Noise Machine. Yes sir, it is tiny enough for you to tote around for work, regardless of whether you are going to bring it around with you from room to room, or place it on a nightstand, the White Noise Machine will still be able to get the job done in the long run as it lives up to its main purpose of delivering high-quality sound.

With the White Noise Machine, you are able to select from 10 different white noise sound options which will range from lower to higher pitch tones. These could very well be the answer for the insomniacs around you, where it helps you get some shuteye as well as help block out pesky noise from around when dusk falls. Not only that, the White Noise Machine is said to be able to assist with tinnitus therapy, although we do wonder what kind of scientific backing does it come with. A headphone/pillow speaker jack would come across as standard issue, where you can also use the White Noise Machine to work as a speaker for your iPhone or mobile device.

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