Chili Pad – So your Bed can be “Just Right”


I’m sure we’re not the only ones having the “it’s to warm in here” argument at bedtime. It happens a lot, mostly during the summer months, my husband loves the heat and sadly, I hate it! In his defense, in the winter time I like it pretty warm. Of course then he starts complaining, its a no win situation, but suffice it to say I usually win, but only because he’s afraid of me.

Well here to restore marital harmony to millions of  at odds couples like us is the ChiliPad, using water technology to cool or heat your mattress in dual zones, both you, and your beloved can snooze the night away at temperatures below 60F and above 110F. 110? That should be hot enough to shut the, I mean, to satisfy my wonderful husbands tropical sleep habits.

Developed by the nephew of the guy who invented the waterbed way back in the 60’s, the ChiliPad is a patented system designed to give anyone with temperature related sleep issues a much needed solution. Folks with arthritis, menopause symptoms, or other injuries or illnesses can find comfort in the ChiliPad.

Chili Technology offers both a wireless thermostat-controlled mattress pad and an obviously more expensive complete mattress option. Both pad and mattress utilize water circulation in order to regulate your sleeping surface temperature in single or dual zones, and have separate controls for both you and your partner.

The ChiliPad sells for under 400 bucks with the ChiliBed starting at 2,199 which seems in line for a quality mattress and well below what you might have to pay for a divorce. Get yours at and sleep well.

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