Pro Chip Floating Golf Game

So you have got the itch to whack a few balls even while you are fully dressed up to the nines at the office? I guess other avid golfers in your circle of influence feel the same, too. The thing is, since you are not your own boss, it can be rather tricky and challenging to get some time off – anytime you like in order to tee off. Well, since dad has worked so hard all year round to provide for the family, it makes perfect sense to reward him with a gift this coming Father’s Day that will be very different from the usual tie and wallet combo. How about the $59.95 Pro Chip Floating Golf Game?

The Pro Chip Floating Golf Game is extremely lovable, as it literally places the 18th hole right there and then in your pool. All you need to do is inflate the target green, drop it into the pool, and you’re good to go. Place a floating golf ball on the chipping pad that comes with each purchase, and chip away according to the best of your ability. Each Pro Chip Floating Golf Game purchase will include a quartet of color-coded balls, allowing the entire family to join in the fun, and hopefully mum will turn as well so that she no longer needs to be the fabled golf widow for the rest of her life.