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Sure, I’m at the age where I need to take a pill or two, and I hate it. I’m also not that great at remembering, luckily missing a dose here and there probably wont kill me, but my dad takes some meds that he simply cant miss. I worry, because he forgets too… and even if I could remember everything for him, I don’t have time to be pestering him everyday. How can we all remember to take our medications on time?

Check out a new wireless pill bottle by Adhere Tech, designed specifically to help improve your medication adherence. This cool container can actually measure the exact number of pills in the bottle, and then, via cellular radio technology, send that info to the cloud. Imagine it… no more “did I take my pill today?” you’ll know for sure. The Wireless Pill Bottle will also call you, or send a text reminding you to take your medication.

Working with both pills and liquids, these new devices can also send adherence data, so there will be no question in your doctors mind as to whether or not you are complying with his wishes. This increased adherence could lead to reductions in extra procedures and treatments as well as hospital re-admissions.

In the next few months, AdhereTech will be beginning a trial with The Walter Reed Army Medical Center to test out these new wireless bottles in type 2 diabetes patients.  Other than the folks in the trial, we can’t have the bottles yet, but the company has secured funding, and is actively seeking additional investors. If you had a chance to use a wireless pill bottle, would you? To find out more, or to watch for availability, please visit


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