Self Balancing Electric Unicycle


Since Father’s Day is around the corner (all right, so it is sometime in June, but it never hurts to be prepared in advance) and you are sick and tired of thinking of the perfect gift as dad already has numerous ties, shoes, vests, cufflinks, belts, and leather wallets. Is there nothing out of the ordinary that you can give dad to bring a smile to his face? A luxury watch might be a good idea, but it is not unique. Enter the $2,700 Self Balancing Electric Unicycle, where you might have visions of grandeur of Tony Stark’s briefcase suit, as this is a briefcase-sized electric unicycle which allows one to be perfectly balanced at all times thanks to the help of gyroscopic sensors.

The Self Balancing Electric Unicycle is suited for both urban commuting as well as suburban recreation, where all you need to do is just to stand on its two folding feet pads. The integrated gyroscopic sensors will be able to detect a rider’s subtle feet movements, all the while taking into consideration a shoulder-slung backpack or bag for its center-of-mass calculations. All you need to do is grip the handlebar and lean forward, resulting in a steady acceleration without jolting, and if you want to slow down or stop, just lean backward.

Turning is a snap, where you control it with side-to-side balance and turn around with subtle leaning. The unicycle will be powered by a 500-watt electric motor that can propel a 160-lb. rider up to 13 mph for two hours, and it will take a three-hour charge to juice up its integrated lithium ion rechargeable battery. It certainly seems like a dream ride to have, and I do wonder about the requirements to ride this in public. Urban commuters would definitely find this to be a boon, especially when your destination is just a few blocks down the road.

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