Dr Who Tardis USB 4 Port Hub

Are all USB hubs created equal? The correct answer would be, “No”, and a resounding one at that, too. After all, hardcore Dr Who fans might even start to fantasize that the £22.95 Dr Who Tardis USB 4 Port Hub which they see here is able to send them into a time warp, but even if to their great disappointment that it does not, at least you have a quartet of USB ports available for you to plug in a plethora of other devices into your PC or Mac, as and when required.

If you do not want to start off the work week on a dull note, then the Dr Who Tardis USB 4 Port Hub is your cup of tea (or coffee), as each time you plug it in, the lantern at the top will flash, alongside the classic time travelling sound effects. Needless to say, just in case the rest of your colleagues get jealous of the latest toy at the office, you can always turn off the special sound effect to annoy them less. Definitely more than capable of brightening up any work space for sure.