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Have you heard of the company Penclic before? Here is a little context – Penclic so happens to be the creator of ergonomically functional and sleekly designed computer accessories, and they have just announced the availability of the Bluetooth B2 Mouse on for folks living in the US. It looks simple and yet is elegant, and is also functional in its very own special way, making the Penclic Bluetooth B2 Mouse the ideal companion for the modern PC, where it is capable of delivering a wireless experience which will ensure you have at least one more free USB port to plug in something else that might be more pressing.

Staying true to its Scandinavian design roots, the Penclic would break the traditional mold thanks to a pen-shaped mouse which was specially designed to fit the natural form of your hand, allowing it to deliver a unique and intuitive user experience, coming in laser-focused precision. The Penclic Bluetooth B2 Mouse will be able to function without requiring you to prepare a mouse pad beforehand, as the lightweight mouse will be able to glide over your work surface in simple, direct motions. Playing nice with both Mac and PC platforms, the Penclic Bluetooth B2 Mouse could very well be the solution to those who are on the lookout for a simple, smart, high-quality mouse.

The polished, uncommon appearance of the B2 Mouse is not the only thing isn’t the only thing that makes it unique, as the B2 Mouse also looks, feels and acts like a pen, which means there is virtually no learning curve at all to grapple with, while it places superior navigation at your fingertips right out of the box. The Penclic Bluetooth B2 Mouse would come with a laser that senses where you intend to move the cursor, hence the precise control at hand (pardon the pun). Its also has the kind of ergonomics which create a comfortable position, enhancing user experience and allowing your forearm to relax on your work surface. This means common sense is upheld, as a more comfortable work environment automatically translates to better results, quicker movements and increased productivity. You can pick up the Penclic Bluetooth B2 Mouse for $89.95.

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