Tom Dixon’s new watches under the Eclectic Collection


I think that the world is divided into two different groups – one that purchases watches as a practical device to tell the current time, while the other group would be one that picks up watches as a form of investment. You know for sure that one loves to invest in watches if you come across someone who truly believes in Patek Philippe’s marketing slant that one does not merely own a Patek Philippe, but rather, looks after it for the next generation. Well, if you do not have the kind of fat bank account to purchase luxury watches for keepsake and hopefully sell them off at a far higher price sometime down the road, then you would do well to check out the new range of watches from Tom Dixon under the Eclectic Collection, and the name of the collection itself is epitomized by the kind of timepieces which were rolled out.

The trio of new watches that were designed by Tom Dixon is extremely unique, due to the fact that each item has been crafted from honest, resilient and heavyweight materials including copper, marble, cast iron, and wood among others. Clearly inspired by British heritage, Tom Dixon has a penchant for choosing his products very carefully, and the Block Watches this time around intend to add an air of excitement to the collection – in addition to value, of course.

The Square Case itself has been stamped from a block of pure stainless steel, using the most minimal of components and yet having a great impact with the assuredness that heads will turn your way whenever you wear one of his timepieces. After all, the square case is a surefire method of attracting attention thanks to its unusual look, with Swiss movement within to make it as reliable as possible. All numerals on the dial have been deep etched, and they remain clearly visible to boot, while the dial itself is encased within a crystal face for clear visibility and protection simultaneously. If you are on the lookout for a truly unique timepiece, then you will not go too wrong with Tom Dixon’s offerings.


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