Stor-More Key Safe announced


Scientific studies have shown that words tend to be a whole lot easier for one’s brain to remember compared to numbers (which explains why it can be rather difficult in figuring out just what our passwords to the numerous online accounts that we own are, especially if they come in the form of numerics only), and obviously one does not need to go through an expensively funded scientific study to arrive at the conclusion that leaving one’s house, car and work keys under the doormat is a foolhardy and unsafe idea – especially in this day and age. This is the very same reason why WordLock decided to introduce what they call the Stor-More Key Safe, which has been touted to be the most secure, convenient, and reliable manner to stash your keys, garage door openers and other valuables.

Touted to come with the largest storage capacity on the market, the Stor-More Key Safe is capable of hiding away over 30 standard keys, multiple smart auto keys, garage door openers, and credit cards among others. In order to ensure that those valuables remain safe and sound, the Stor-More Key Safe would be accompanied by an easy to set, never forget word combination that has 10,000 possible letter combinations, which is sure to confound even the most determined thief.

WordLock inventor and co-founder Todd Basche said, “When we set out to change the personal security market, there hadn’t been an innovation in lock technology for years. Our car keys are bigger, our house keys are bigger and we all have more of them. When it comes to safely storing these for others to use, the Stor-More Key Safe takes usability and innovation to a whole new level.”

The Stor-More Key Safe boasts of a solid aluminum locking head, hardened steel shackle and stainless steel safe which is more than capable of going up against hammering, sawing and mother nature’s elements.

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