Smartphone Security Sensor


So, you pride yourself in picking up one of the latest smartphones in the market, and would take every single opportunity that you have to pull it out from your pocket so that all and sundry around you would be able to check out just what is your latest gadget purchase. Well, a shiny new gadget is always nice to own, and so you too, much take the relevant steps to offer it the relevant amount of protection. Needless to say, a smartphone cover should be a given, and just in case you are a paranoid android, here is the £44.99 Smartphone Security Sensor to further help your case.

The Smartphone Security Sensor would play nice with majority of the iPhones, iPads and Android-powered devices in the market, where a single charge will allow it to run for up to 3 months, now how about that? Of course, it will be accompanied by what has been deemed to be a really awesome US siren effect should the sensor that you are carrying no longer detect your smartphone within a 20 meter radius. Sound is not the only thing to alert you of a potential theft, as it will be accompanied by LED lights and vibration alerts, too.

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