Sensor Controlled LED Desk Lamp – Knows when You Need it


I have to tell you, my marriage is almost perfect. I say almost because I think he could play golf a little less, and he thinks I could turn the darn lights off. I’m guilty as charged, I leave every light in the house on… and yes my love, I know we don’t own the electric company.

Welcome the Sensor Controlled LED Desk Lamp, a futuristic light that turns itself on when you sit down beside it, and turns itself off as you leave and it does that, without you having to touch it at all! This motion activated, and heat sensing, super efficient LED lamp has a rotating base, can flip the light bar 160 degrees and can also be lowered or raised from 8 to 22 inches high using a neat-looking counterweight system.

This unique lamp has customizable sensor zones that let you determine how close you need to be for the lamp to go on, and it shuts itself off about 10 minutes after you hit the door. The Sensor Controlled Desk Lamp also has a dimmer that’s controlled with a simple touch. The sensors can also be shut off, for manual operation… which I’ll have to do a time or two, don’t want my husband to think I was actually listening to his tirades.

The lamp is made of aluminum and comes in Gunsmoke or Silver, includes a magnetic cord that will detach instead of pulling the lamp down on you should you trip over it and, the bulbs will last for 50,000 hours and use only 7.5 watts of power. Ha! Now I just gotta get him off the golf course somehow. Get your LED Desk Lamp at for right around 185 bucks.

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Antonio Says: May 14, 2013 at 2:51 am

From the announcement of Samsung Galaxy SIII I don’t trust anymore phrases such as “It knows what you need”, “Knows when you need it” etc. But this lamp is something incredible! Simple and perfect. By the way, remember how things are stand with the “lights off” in my case, it would be nice to have such lamp, but powered from USB.

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