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Divoom Onbeat-200 Bluetooth speaker


When it comes to portable speakers, those devices can be said to be dime a dozen. After all, I am quite sure that it is pretty difficult to make a choice when you are faced with so many models and makes to choose from. Perhaps whittling down your options can be made easier when you take a look at the hardware specifications list, and another way would be to follow up on sites like ours. Take the Divoom Onbeat-200 Bluetooth speaker for instance – this is a 3” rechargeable portable speaker that would make it an ideal audio solution be it at home, in the office or on-the-go.

 Since it will “connect” to your music playback devices using Bluetooth connectivity, you will be free to live the wireless lifestyle, as there are no pesky cables or the sort to trip over, and neither will you accidentally pull the plug which might see the connecting end broken because of the sudden jerking force. This compact and portable speaker is said to offer stunning sound quality that is normally found in a far larger audio system. The Onbeat-200 will come in a wide range of colors so that it can appeal to just about anybody, where you can choose from black, red, blue or silver shades, retailing for $79.90 a pop.

The Onbeat-200 is highly portable considering its size at just 3”, and that would also mean it is lightweight in nature. To make sure that your ears reap the maximum benefits of the Divoom Onbeat-200, it comes with precision-tuned 50 mm drivers and a passive bass radiator, where they are touted to deliver amazingly clear and crisp audio regardless of the volume level. Not only that, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery would also allow up to 8 hours of non-stop streaming of digital media from any Bluetooth device for your aural enjoyment.

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