Transparent Canoe Kayak


Do you love the great outdoors? For those who have answered in the affirmative, which appeals to you more – the mountains and forest, or the beach as well as rivers? Some might like both, but this particular mode of transport across rivers and other bodies of water is made all the more special by virtue of the material. With an asking price of a rather high $1,900, the Transparent Canoe Kayak lives up to its reputation.

Basically, the Transparent Canoe Kayak is a canoe-kayak hybrid which comes with a transparent polymer hull that will allow paddlers to drink in an underwater vista that cannot be found in conventional boats. It seats two (how romantic), where the sturdy hull is made of the similar durable material that can be found in the cockpit canopies of supersonic fighter jets – yup, that’s how tough it is. As long as your combined weight (with all your gear) does not exceed 425 lbs., you are good to go. The adjustable seats enable paddlers to personalize their leg room, and since it boasts of a lightweight anodized aluminum frame, you can store or transport the Transparent Canoe Kayak in a jiffy.

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