Samsung Galaxy Core announced

Another day, and here we are with another smartphone from consumer electronics giant Samsung. This time around, it will not be a handset from the Galaxy family, but rather, we are looking at the Samsung Galaxy Core, which is a smartphone that is specially designed to offer users dual core processing power when it comes to multitasking purposes, dual SIM technology for easy transition between work and play, not to mention a slew of innovative smart features. Samsung touts that the Galaxy Core will be able to operate seamlessly and effectively regardless of whether you have purchased it for work or for play.

What can we find underneath the chassis of the Samsung Galaxy Core? For starters, this will be a mid-range smartphone which intends to achieve a balance of portability and power, where it comes equipped with a 1.2GHz dual core processor that enables you to perform data intensive tasks with speed and ease. You will find 8GB of internal memory good enough for the average user, although those who tend to carry plenty of multimedia files on their smartphones would be pleased with the inclusion of a microSD memory card slot.

1GB RAM will be accompanied by a 4.3” display, which is pretty much the norm in this day and age. As for battery life, we are looking at a long-lasting 1,800mAh battery that should be good for extended usage. Love capturing things as they happen? You should not be able to go wrong with the 5-megapixel camera at the back, while in front, there is also another camera for you to carry out all those video calls and video conferences. The productivity nuts around you need not tote two handsets around any more, as the Samsung Galaxy Core comes with Dual SIM technology, letting you use both SIM cards simultaneously – which is definitely different from the days of yore where only one SIM card could be used at any one time despite the handset holding a couple of these SIM cards.

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