4 1/2′ High Roadside Emergency Beacon

Experiencing a breakdown in your vehicle is not a good experience to go through at all, and it gets even worse when you are driving on your own and it is already late at night. Of course, there is a need for the proper kind of tools to make sure that your safety is ensured, such as the safety triangle. A safety triangle might not be enough if you are a paranoid android, which means the $99.95 4 1/2′ High Roadside Emergency Beacon would be right up your alley.

This 4 1/2′ High Roadside Emergency Beacon will be affixed to the roof of a car, where it offers superior visibility in the event of an emergency. It is different from roadside flares, and is of course different from window-mounted triangles or a car’s flashers to boot, where all of them remain low to the ground. You can elevate this beacon to an extra height so that it can be seen from a distance, allowing first responders to locate a disabled vehicle and it also gives oncoming traffic additional time to slow down. The beacon comes with 16 ultra-bright red and white LEDs which will flash a 360-degree warning signal that lasts for up to 10 hours. The kit can be stashed away neatly in a trunk, and it holds a flashlight and orange safety vest. It will be powered by a trio of AAA lithium-ion batteries.