Shanxi Granite Hearth Table


Home improvement ideas are not all that difficult to come by, although sometimes, you might want to get some inspiration or idea from the magazines off the shelf. For those who have a decently sized lawn that has nothing on it, you can opt to spruce it up with the $3,000 Shanxi Granite Hearth Table. Yes, it is rather pricey, but what do you get for that kind of seemingly insane money? After all, do not judge a gizmo or gadget by its cost, heh!

The Shanxi Granite Hearth Table will be different from grouted tile patio tables where the latter are subject to mildew, cracks, and discoloration. This is a cooking hearth table which sports a solid granite top that were cut from the mountains in China’s Shanxi province. Individual handcrafted tabletops are unique, so no two grain patterns or colorations are the same. There is a cutout section in the table center that holds a 23″ diameter stainless steel fire pit with propane tank fitting which is capable of delivering a powerful 40,000 BTUs for cooking at your dining area. This table will hook itself up to a standard 20 lb. propane tank, and sports a set of gas fire logs to create the feel of a wood fire.

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