The Only Read And Write iPad Flash Drive

So, you have started to realize that you use your iPad a whole lot more than the notebook that the office loaned out to you for your productivity needs on the go, and with that, you might want to take note that sometimes, carrying around large sized files on a USB flash drive and transferring them to your notebook might be too much of a hassle, especially when your notebook does not come with a SSD and takes like forever to boot up. How about transferring those files to your iPad instead? That is made possible with the $169.95 The Only Read And Write iPad Flash Drive, where this is touted to be one of its kind where flash drives are concerned.

It will plug into a Mac or PC’s USB port, and is capable of carrying up to 16GB worth of files, be they documents, photos, videos, or music, before being hooked up to an iPad or iPhone. This would pave the way for a direct transfer of files to your iOS-powered tablet or smartphone, and it even comes with a free app that allows you to make a back up of your contacts or save email documents that are no larger than 10MB in size directly from the app itself. The Only Read And Write iPad Flash Drive can accommodate more than 35 file formats including Microsoft Word and Excel documents, PDFs, JPGs, MP4, and MP3.

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  1. Cool but way overpriced! If you jailbreak your device, you can use any old flash drive you want using the Apple camera adapter kit, this adapter is a female USB that ends in a Lightning connector or 30 pin connector.

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