Sceptre CarCam Recorder CCR2000


You can never tell just when an accident is about to happen, which is why such events are knowns as accidents in the first place. When you are behind the wheel, riding a bicycle or a motorcycle, it is imperative that you keep your eyes peeled on the road ahead at all times, as accidents happen in the blink of an eye if you are not careful. Paying full attention would give you the advantage of having the fastest response time possible, and this might eventually end up to be the difference between life and death. Having said that, whenever you are driving, it pays to just leave your smartphone alone, never mind that there is voice dictation capability in recent times. Just to make sure your ride has an additional witness, the Sceptre CarCam Recorder CCR2000 would record whatever is going on in front of you as proof just in case someone in front of you cuts into your lane suddenly without any signal, and claim otherwise.

One would associate the name Sceptre more with LED and LCD HDTVs in addition to PC displays, but it seems that they too, want to get a piece of action in the world of car video recorders, hence rolling out the ultra-compact CarCam Recorder CCR2000. The Sceptre CarCam Recorder CCR2000 comes across as a full-HD 1080P video recorder that was specially developed to capture crystal clear videos from within your ride, making it the ideal tool to capture evidence in case of emergencies. Not only that, during times of leisure and peace, the CCR2000 comes in handy to record record scenic drives. Bet you didn’t think of it that way, eh?

All video will be recorded at 1920×1080 resolution using H.264 video compression technology, where it will get the best view possible thanks to its 120-degree wide angle lens. There is also a built-in HDMI Output for easy viewing on any display and G-Sensory Technology which can detect collisions and automatically locks the footage so that no overwriting occurs. The asking price for the Sceptre CCR2000 would be $399 a pop.

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